A big mazel tov to Simmy and Hila (Class of  ’08) Sosnow on the birth of a baby boy, Tzvi  in Eretz Yisrael. May they merit to raise to a life of Torah, to the marriage canopy and to a life of good deeds. We wish Simmy and Hila and the entire Hoffman …Read the full story
A very big Mazel Tov to Ela Wilson (Class of 2012) on her engagement to Akiva O’Connor of Denver. Mazel tov to their proud parents and to the entire Wilson and O’Connor families. May the young couple merit to build a bayis ne’eman b’Yisrael. Mazel Tov!

Mesorah Family June Mazel Tovs

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Mazel tov to Yonah and Avigail Roth on the birth of a baby boy and to the proud grandparents Drs. Richard and Chana Ruderman,  aunts, Chava (Class of ’05), Tova (Class of ’13) and Miriam (Class of ’16) and Uncle Ezra. May Yonah and Avigail merit to raise their children to a life of  Torah, …Read the full story
We are proud to congratulate Kayla-Anne Rodenberg (Class of ’14) on receiving the highest award in Frontier Girls, a scouting program for girls which promotes leadership, character building and service. See the TJP article at  http://tjpnews.com/dallas-doings-271/ for details. Congratulations, Kayla- Anne!  
We would like to thank  Mr. George Strum, Mrs. Avigail Rosemore and Mr. Avi Greenlinger for sponsoring a Day of Learning in memory of Mr. David Rosenberg on his first yahrzeit, 12 Sivan – June 10th. May his neshoma have an aliyah.