Mazel Tov to Mesorah’s 14th Graduating Class

Mazel Tov to Mesorah’s 14th Graduating Class: Coral Benporat, Rochel Blitz, Malky Fisher, Gita Levin, Ahuva Pacht, Ahuva Rosenberg, Batya Rosenblatt, Nummy Skaist, Nechama Tannenbaum, and Miriam Zakon.

Coral Benporat was named valedictorian, the student with the highest combined GPA for all four years in Mesorah. Batya Rosenblatt was named salutatorian for the second highest GPA. And Miriam Zakon received the Kesser Shem Tov, Crown of a Good Name Award for the student who most represents the ideals of Mesorah both in and out of school.